1. Students will take care of school property and supplies.
  2. Rough or dangerous play is not permitted anywhere on the school grounds (e.g., tackle football, climbing fences and trees).
  3. Electronic toys, music players, cell phones, and any other valuables should not be brought to school.
  4. Hats or caps are to be worn outdoors only (boys and girls).
  5. Gum is not permitted.
  6. No throwing of rocks, dirt, food and other non-playground objects.
  7. Fighting of any kind is not permitted.
  8. Spitting is not permitted.
  9. Inappropriate language or defiant behavior is not permitted.
  10. Students may enter classrooms only with adult supervision.
  11. Use bathrooms appropriately and leave the bathrooms clean.
  12. During assemblies and other school events, students will act courteously and listen attentively.
  13. Students may not leave the school grounds without parent and office permission.
  14. Inappropriate magazines, books, etc. which promote violence, sex, etc. are not allowed on campus.