McNear School is concerned that you are informed about school activities. The School Newsletter/Update is sent home with your child each month. (Submission deadlines are the Fridays before the newsletter is published and distributed – see the calendar for dates.) The newsletter keeps you up-to-date on events, school projects and programs. You can also elect to receive all email announcements and updates as part of the McNear e-list by signing up on our home page. Also, PTA, English Language Advisory Committee and School Site Council meetings are open to everyone. If you have questions or ideas about improving our program, these are places to share them. In addition, each teacher will establish his/her own home-school communication.

Communication and record keeping regarding behavior at McNear consists of “Office Referral Forms” or “Behavior Contracts” when parents need to know about an incident or behavior. Home consequences (if any) should be noted before returning the form.

Should any problem occur regarding your own child, every effort should be made to resolve the problem directly with the staff member concerned. If the problem cannot be resolved, the matter should be referred to the principal.