Attendance & Absence

Regular attendance at school is essential so that your child can derive full benefit from the instructional program. Should your child be absent for any reason, please call McNear School’s absence line (778-4859) and leave a message stating why your child is absent. State aid ($25 per day) is based on daily attendance of each child. The schools are dependent on state aid, since the funds help in the purchase of instructional materials, books, supplies and other operations.

Students in all Petaluma City Schools are expected to be in school every day that their health permits and in class when the bell rings. When a student has had 14 verified absences in the school year, any further absences for illness must be verified by a physician or they become unexcused absences. California Education Code Section 48260 declares a student as truant when they have three unexcused absences, three tardies in excess of thirty minutes, or any combination of the two. Students who are declared truant three times in a given school year may be declared a habitual truant. Students who are truant and those with excessive tardies will be referred to the District School Attendance Review Board.

An independent study contract can be arranged for anticipated extended absences. Well before the date, please notify the office and your child’s teacher if you anticipate such an absence (for 5 or more days) and wish to arrange appropriate study.